Short Żubrówka version // As a writer and filmmaker Franziska is joyfully experimenting with transitions between Anna Karina dance moves, Social Realism and liminality in film as a narrative and art.

Extended Stronachie version // Franziska earned a Bachelor of Arts degree in Film and Theatre Studies at Free University Berlin with a main focus on interdisciplinary fields between modern film theory, philosophy and art. She continued to study film directing at the University of TV + Film Munich and the Asylum Film Academy. Franziska has studied, travelled and worked in the United States, Great Britain and New Zealand.

During her studies she started working for artists, musicians, academics, schools and universities producing video and film content, whilst specializing on applied filmmaking including film study lectures + workshops for collaborating interdisciplinary groups of people.

She also develops and hosts „Do You Still Love Me!“ – a Berlin-based performance lecture series dealing with cultural, political, and social implications of everyday life, dramatic texts and soap opera.

In 2020 Franziska was invited to Filmfestival Max-Ophüls Preis, an established film festival for young German filmmakers to introduce the screenplay of her first feature film.